Meet Whitney


Whitney was disgusted and outraged by the rise of Donald Trump in 2015 and the actions of MAGA extremists to roll back the clock on reproductive healthcare and attack the fundamental freedoms of all Americans.

After being questioned at the ER during her first pregnancy about what she did to “cause” a potential pregnancy loss, Whitney’s life changed forever as she found out that women in the U.S. were being arrested, detained and investigated simply for their pregnancies. That is when Whitney launched her first protest, writing Pro Choice on her pregnant stomach. Her protest went viral and launched her into her life’s work, fighting the criminalization of pregnancy.

Whitney founded the grassroots activism group Pro Choice with Heart, that has become a powerful nationwide movement tirelessly battling the oppressive criminalization of abortion and pregnancy. Whitney has been a resource for countless women seeking reproductive healthcare and has taken the fight to state capitals across the country that are implementing restrictions on reproductive healthcare. Now Whitney’s taking that same fight to the halls of Congress.

Whitney also understands the hardships that working families and our most vulnerable are facing to get ahead. After graduating from college in the heart of the great recession, Whitney had to work numerous minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. She’s seen firsthand how wages have remained stagnant for working people – while big corporations haul in record profits.

She’s running for Congress to level the playing field for San Diego families and defend our freedoms by: